10 annoying yet popular songs

Have you ever had a song that you dislike stuck in your brain? And try as you might, you just cannot seem to shake it?

Amari got quite a bit of attention when she released Neko.

The ironic thing is that even though you do not like it, you unconsciously hear it so often that you get caught up with it and do not realise that after a time, you even start singing it until someone points it out or you catch yourself singing aloud.

There are countless songs out there that make you want to gag, roll your eyes or just hiss your teeth, some more so than others. They become annoying because everyone is singing or playing it in their car or if you go out it is on rotation. And the more you say you do not want to hear it, the more your friends think it is amusing to revel in your discomfort.

Check out the list below and see if you agree.

1.  Baby Shark by PinkFong. Especially if you do not have kids, this would make you pull out your hair.

2. Neko by Amari. We feel sorry for any man whose name is Neko.

3. Barbie Girl by Aqua. Every little girl who had a birthday party had this song on her playlist. It got old pretty quick.

4. Macarena by Los Del Rio. A song that has dance moves, oh great (not!)

5. Umbrella by Rihanna. That ‘ella-ella’ part made many grown people roll their eyes and wonder what really constitute as music.

6. Achy Breaky Heart By Billy Ray Cyrus. Miley’s dad, it seems, was just as annoying back in the day.

7. Grenade by Bruno Mars. Everybody would walk around singing it, and then DJ Bambino made his own parody to it. How nice!

8. What’s In My Cup by Richie Loop. The lyrics are repetitive and that is why it easily stuck in your head 

9. Chiquitita by Clive ‘Snowball’ Brown. Not to be confused with the classic song by ABBA. This one started out as a 1994 festival song contender but soon was annoying people all year round.

10. Work by Rhianna. First, you could not understand half of what she was saying and then the chorus seems like the refrain and the bridge. It was the stuff of mild migraines.