10 controversial dancehall songs

Dancehall music has always had its detractors so it stands to reason that the songs it spawns will always generate some form of controversy. But, this is what makes it so dynamic, unique, and profound. This is what gives it its authenticity, feeds it followers and drives its popularity.

The following represent a few of the songs that occupied many heated discussions among friends, academia, and talk show programmes.

Love them or hate them, these dancehall songs made a mark on the genre. Their lyrics, though powerful and potent, also stirred up debate as people took sides to declare them either bits of creative genius or utter rubbish that do not deserve airplay.

Take a look at the list BUZZ fam and see if you agree with it.

1. Ghetto Story by Baby Cham: For as many that love that the song was telling the story of many ghetto youth, there were others who felt that it glorifies criminality.

2. It Wasn’t Me by Shaggy: The song was quite amusing, but some people found nothing funny about a song outlining how a man can be a better cheater.

3.7-11 by Dexta Daps: This song sent many people reeling as Dexta Daps chronicled no matter how ‘generous’ a woman was with her goodies, he wasn’t going anywhere

4. Side Chick Song by Shenseea: Yup, giving the other woman’s perspective is not always popular but this song definitely is.

5. Look Into My Eyes by Bounty Killa: Still one of the most gripping songs ever penned yet it is dismissed as promoting violence in some circles.

6. Driver by Buju Banton: Detailing how to transport drugs across United States will probably get you lots of ‘street cred’ but also put you on the authorities’ radar.

7. 3som’ by Khago: We don’t need to say anything more. Many praised Khago for being bold and honest, while for others, it was way too much.

8. Equal Rights by Ishawna: Ishawna made it pretty clear in this one that if you’re not willing to dine on southern cuisine, then don’t expect her to. Once said to be taboo, oral sex has transitioned from a national disgrace to the national dish! I swear!  

9. Black Hypocrisy by Spice: The topic of colourism and issues surrounding being ‘too dark-skinned’ still make many people uncomfortable. 

10. Poison Him by Dexta Daps: A song that advocates doing away with a man if he physically mistreats you is bound to make the list, especially since the men were so upset about it that they even tried to get the Prime Minister to ‘intervene’.