10 food combinations no one asked for

When it comes to being a ‘yaadie’, we are generally laid back. Except if you spoil our food.

Caribbean people are sticklers for tradition, especially food.

A hungry man is an angry man and a Jamaican who is hungry and angry is really ‘hangry’ and fit to be tied.

Traditional meals are tradition for a reason, they are meant to be done a certain way. You can spoil our food by either leaving out key ingredients or adding things we think are disrespectful to our taste buds. We may be adventurous in the kitchen but we do not play around with certain mixes, matches and potential mess-ups.

So, what would be considered a food taboo or a serious culinary ‘no-no’ that will get you banned from the kitchen or relegated to washing pots or peeling potatoes?

Some weird food pairings have us scratching our heads and wondering where the world went wrong.

The list compiled below sums up some genuine concoctions created that left some scratching their heads or running for the bathroom.

1. Curry with ketchup: Some people add ketchup to everything they cook, even curry. For many, this is a clear indication that the person just does not know how to cook, period.

2. Pick-A-Pepper in soup: Bottled pepper in soup? You’ve gone too far. What happen to the good old Scotch Bonnet?  

Bun and cheese is a staple, especially around Easter. Bun bun and patty…hello?

3. Soup served with iced water: I know two people who do this and I still do not get the hot and cold combination to all.

4.  Bun and fish: I swear only a pregnant woman with odd cravings could eat this but to each their own.

5. Stewed peas with rice and peas: People legit eat this. Why?!

6.  Salt mackerel with white rice: Again, why? Why Christine?

Why are you having water with your soup?

7. Scrambled egg with browning: It’s a no for me, love. But enjoy.

8. Scrambled egg and white rice: Unless it is fried rice, egg has no business in rice.

9. Bun and patty: I hear this is popular but I did not get the memo and all paper has since been shredded.

10. Ackee and sardines: In the words of Ariana Grande, ‘Thank you, next!’

Let us know which ones are not that bad in the comments and which you just can’t wrap mouth around.