10 hottest dancehall divas

Let’s be real BUZZ fam, remaining relevant as a female dancehall artiste takes more than just the songs released. They are also expected to exude a certain level of sex appeal that will make other women jealous and keep the men interested.

Compiled in no particular order, these are the dancehall divas – past and present – who have managed to stay on top of both games. By all means, peruse the list and see if you agree or would swap one or two out for others who did not make the cut.

1. D’Angel: Former model turn artiste, the self-proclaimed ‘First Lady of the Dancehall’ is ageing like fine wine as is evidenced by her OnlyFans pictures. Oh la la!

2. Shenseea: Dubbed the ‘Princess of Dancehall’, she is sexy, sweet and can spit bars with the best of them. 

3. Spice: The queen is reigning and has no intention of abdicating the throne. She’s a businesswoman, reality TV star and one of the most talented in the game, keeping her firmly rooted in the top spot.  

4. D.I. Though no music has been forthcoming for a while, we’re all guilty of flocking to her page to have glimpse of the physique she flaunts so freely.  

5. Lady Saw: Though you won’t be seeing her showing skin anymore, Lady Saw, now known as minister Marion Hall, had us all wanting to be as sexy as her back in the day.

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6. Patra: Back in the day, her signature long plaits and short shorts had many struggling to pick their jaws up off the floor. 

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7.Lady G: When you say ‘old school’ you think of Lady G but there is nothing old about her ageless features and music.

8. Ishawna: Whether you are a fan or not, you have to admit that her creativity, content, and body are all on point. 

9. Jada Kingdom: Lyrically this girl is powerful, and having a butt as high as the cost of living does not hurt. Jada has been blessed with the body many are paying big money to get these days.

10. Pamputtae: Talk about the evolution of an artiste, she has blossomed over the years into her own with a good consistent musical flow.