‘115 seconds, 9 gold medals’: Bolt promotes new track with winning record

It seems Usain Bolt was in a teaching and motivational mood recently as he sought to release some positive energy to the public on Instagram.

Eight-time Olympic champion Usain Bolt

The eight-time Olympic champion took to social media to urge people to invest in themselves and patiently await the results.

However, it was the way that he went about sharing his message that some might find inspirational. Using his achievements as an example, Bolt possibly explained the theory of effort far better than most could.

Explaining that though his Olympic achievements were done in 115 seconds total, which earned him great wealth, it still required 20 years of training.

He captioned the post, “What is investment? Usain Bolt won 9 gold medals in 3 Olympics, and he only ran for less that 115 seconds on the track, earning dollars. That’s economy of effort. But for those 2 minutes, he trained for 20 years. That’s investment. Think long term. Patience” he wrote on Instagram while singing along to Living The Dream, his new track with his manager and best friend Nugent “NJ” Walker.