13 inches gone! Beenie Man gives fans a belly update

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Good news BUZZ Fam, dancehall artiste Beenie Man is losing his belly fat. If you don’t remember, the Girls Dem Sugar artiste became quite the meme after his performance on the Verzuz battle in May. Beenie Man gave us hit after hit, but his bulging belly stole the show from him. It went viral and became the butt of many jokes.

Two days later Beenie Man hit the gym to get rid of it, and now he’s reporting major progress in a video posted on his Instagram account.

Donning a shirt, he calls “the try shirt”, Beenie Man revealed to fans that he wasn’t “tucking in his belly”, and was breathing quite easily. “You see dah shirt ya, two months ago couldn’t put it on none at all whatsoever,” he said. “See deh now, 13 inch gone afta di ting [his belly].”

Promising to reveal a six pack abs soon, Beenie Man was cheered on by people in the comments.

“Yea beenie six pack soon fawuddddd,” dancehall artiste, Ce’Cile wrote.

“Hol dem BEENIE 😃😃😃😃ur now 8pack,” Tony Matterhorn wrote.

“My Lawd, you did it.You are a motivation more than you know it.Nuff respeck 🙌..Good job,” another person commented.