22 of the most popular dancehall moves

Just like churches, bars and slangs, another thing Jamaicans are never short of are dance moves.

Jamaicans are a happy people, and our joy is best showcased through dance.

From the days of ska onward, we have always gotten creative on the dance floor, moving everywhere from our pelvis, our arms to our feet and every joint in between. Our dances are usually so smooth and out-of-the-box creative that oftentimes when we watch international music videos, especially those choreographed in the United States, we can recognise the copy cats who use them without acknowledging the origin (but that is a whole other article).

Jamaicans know how to have fun. Indeed, this is our favourite pastime especially in a socio-economic culture where life is generally hard for many. We find ingenious ways to keep our spirits high even when our pockets are low.

Check out the list of some of our favourite moves below:

1. Go-Go Wine: This actually involved most of the muscles in your body moving in one co-ordinated effort. It’s a complete workout tbh.

2. Della Move: No matter your age or flexibility, you can manage this one.

3. Log On: Neat and smooth like butter, Elephant Man found it with this one.

4. Dutty Wine: Some made it look so easy, others ended up in neck braces. Know your limit

5. Bogle: Created by a legend, executed by everyone who can put two hands in the air.

6. Tatty: Touch up and move right along

7. Pon di River: If your feet cannot cross it, have several seats.

8.  Gully Creeper: This started in Jamaica, and was taken internationally by Usain Bolt took at the 2008 Olympic Games.

9. Tek Wey Yuself: It may seem easy, but actually it’s not. Being fluid in the movement counts for a lot

10. Willy Bounce: Kids especially loved this, but adults can’t get enough of it.

11. World Dance: Back in the day, Beenie Man scored a huge hit with this

12. Butterfly: Everyone remembers the video with dancehall queen Carlene making light work of it.

13. Sesame Street: When a whole group of people do it in unison, you won’t find many things cooler.  

14. Flairy: No party for the last couple of year has ended without this playing.

15. Row the boat: You had to get busy rowing or you would drown in a sea of moving hands and feet.

16. Bruk It Dung: No dance competition can be held without it

17. Gi dem a run: Gliding in place is a legit thing.

18. Mock d Dread: Old school and just as popular as ever.

19. Blasé: Another staple on the scene

20. Fling: Some people did it with such force and vigor that they ended up visiting their chiropractor. 

21: Crazy Hype: This dance is and was everything dancehall was ever meant to be. If you don’t know it, look it up.

22. Genna Bounce: This dance craze swept through Jamaica like a heat wave in July. If we’re being honest, we’re just waiting for outside to open up to return.

We are aware that there are many, many, many more that could have been added to this list, so let us know your faves in the comments, BUZZ fam!