4th Genna’s Jayds is the new brand ambassador for Lion Pride

Lion Pride Jamaica has signed dancehall artiste and producer Jayds as a brand ambassador. Jayds shared the news via his Instagram page on Monday.

 Jayds has been using Lion Pride's rolling paper for years.
Jayds has been using Lion Pride’s rolling paper for years.

Brand Jayds

In an interview with BUZZ, the entertainer explained that the alignment with the brand developed a few years ago.

“About three years ago when I was doing a music video, I decided to use some Lion Pride rolling papers in the video. At the time, the brand was relatively new on the market and I was attracted to it. The owner’s son saw the video and showed it to her, and from then, she continued to provide me with rolling papers,” said Jayds.

“Great things will happen with this association.”

— Jayds

When asked what the association with the brand signified for him and his career, Jayds said: “It shows that the brand Jayds is growing, and it also shows that the work is being put in, and we are seeing the results. Everything just a blend the right way.”

Initial endorsement

The initial endorsement is just for four months. But, according to Jayds, the contract will be extended.

“The current contract is for four months, but it will be extended. Great things will happen with this association. As far as brand promotion and campaigns, I am involved. Even brand ideas. Anything we can do to help make the product better, that’s what we are here to do,” he said.

  Jayds is happy to be associated with Lion Pride.
Jayds is happy to be associated with Lion Pride.

Variety of products

Lion Pride Jamaica manufactures and distributes a variety of products for smokers and non-smokers. They include condoms, lighters, rolling trays, grinders and rolling paper.

The company started in Ocho Rios about 15 years ago, and it also has offices in Kingston.

Jayds is a member of Aidonia’s 4th Genna crew. He is also the label’s in-house producer. Among his latest releases are Polygamy (‘Generation Z’ rhythm) and Wavy Wavy featuring Size Ten. He is set to release a mixtape called Traphall on November 1.