876 Roomates says ‘cancellation’ was a prank

Organizers of 876 Roomates have said that the cancellation release put out on Sunday (July 18) on their social media platforms was a prank.

A post was made on the show’s official Instagram page that informed users that the recently launched reality show was coming to a sudden and unexpected halt.  

“Greetings Roommates, all good things must come to an end, however, we did not forsee that it would be this soon in the 876 Roommates journey. We are unable to comment due to legal restrictions, however, the obstructions being faced have become crippling,” read the release.

“It is with our deepest regrets that we announce the end of 876 Roommates. All future episodes and production have been cancelled. We thank you for the support, ” added the reality tv show in the release.

However, it seems that this was all a prank as the post was later removed from the Instagram page and the programme directors later made a release on social media platform Twitter.

“The castmates aren’t the only ones who can do pranks. The Management Team is just as good!Do you really think that we would leave you hanging? No way! We appreciate all the love and support that we saw. Continue being our faithful roommates. #876roommates ain’t going nowhere,” read the Tweet.

The Tweet led to consternation among some fans while others sought to laugh it off given the nature of the programme itself.

The series has brought together fifteen cast members, all of them Jamaican comedians from social media who are living together and competing for a million dollars in prizes over the course of the season.

Among those involved, in what was supposed to be a ten episode run included the likes of World Dawg, King Yavii, Demo Crazy, Valdomore, Swiiss Lee, Able Boss, Kimmy Kloud and others.

The first episode had proven to be a big hit among fans as the contestants competed in a humourous challenge of a pig relay. They also participated in a chicken plucking exercise.