‘876 Roommates’ premieres with hilarious pig relay challenge

There were pigs being hugged and chickens being chased in the season premiere of 876 Roommates.

The reality show debuted on Monday with a cast of 15 Jamaican online comedians who will be vying for a million dollars in cash and prizes through varied competitions.

The comedic lot, comprising World Dawg, Kyng Tavii, Deno Crazy, Valdomore, Swiiss Lee, Trilla Milla, Able Boss, Lexi DBess, Cuz, Baba Jaay, Lando D’Major, Kimmy Kloud, Wayshae, Arjay and Hat Dogg, arrived at a luxury mansion in St James after some toll road hiccups and hitchhiking. The long journey was rewarded with hot hostesses, soda disguised as champagne and pool shenanigans. Before they could completely unwind, it was time for their first challenge at Millbrooks Farms in Tangle River District.

The comedians were placed in three groups of five. Black Maroons included Trilla Milla (captain), Kyng Tavii, Valdomore, Lexi DBess and Arjay; Sunshine Warriors had World Dawg (captain), Kimmy Kloud, Swiiss Lee, Baba Jaay and Lando D’Major; and Green Islanders comprised Deno Crazy (captain), Cuz, Wayshae, Hat Dogg and Able Boss.

As a man of Manchester soil, Valdomore wasn’t opposed to the country atmosphere. On another note, “Weh farm haffi do wid comedy?” he asked. “Mi feel a some video ting we a come deal inna. Farm?”

The first challenge was a pig relay: capture an oiled-down pig from a pen, pass it on to your group members in the form of a relay race, and win by crossing the finish line first.

“Town man nuh do dem ting yah; we lock inna yard and follow COVID protocols,” Tavii declared. Interestingly, his team won.

Chicken plucking

The teams had two minutes to strategise before sending their best men in the pig pen. Trilla Milla masterfully got a pig and was the first out the pen while Swiiss Lee and Able Boss struggled to get a pig. Valdomore handled the second leg for the Black Maroons and seamlessly passed the swine to townsman Kyng Tavii. World Dawg reaped some criticism for cautiously modeling with the pig to pass it to Kimmy Kloud. Meanwhile, Cuz dropped the pig on the third leg, a move yet to be understood by anyone.

Lexi DBess covered the anchor leg and just like that, Black Maroons won and Sunshine Warriors came second.

The farm ventures continued with the other challenge – chicken plucking.

Each group was instructed to have its members individually enter the coop and catch a chicken, take it to the slaughterer, dip it in hot water and take it to the plucking area to remove the feathers. The first team to finish would win, but this challenge proved hilariously disastrous.

The resident townsman, of course, made it known that chicken plucking is not his forte. Lucky for Kyng Tavii, Kimmy Kloud felt ill and had to drop out of the challenge, leaving the judges to instruct all other teams to have one less member for fairness. Cuz was ousted because of his pig-dropping faux pas.

“We born fi dis, is like a we work a KFC,” a confident World Dawg said. That was the problem though. The teams resorted to cutting the chicken at the end which was not part of the instructions. Because of the chickens-flying, comedians-sliding chaos, the judges could not determine the winner and opted to review the footage. The winner will be revealed in the next episode.

The squad returned to the mansion, cleaned up and had some fun.

Should they win the cash prize, Deno Crazy and Swiiss Lee said they’ll invest it in livestock, while Wayshae said he’d give away some to his fanbase.

For Valdomore, “Outside of winning the million dollars, mainly what I’m looking for is more deals coming in. Mi waan go mainstream.”

Hat Dogg added, “I’m thinking ahead. I want to reach more of my target market from the young, middle and old.”

Lexi DBess shared, “Mi just waan left a nice name, a good outcome, a good impression like ‘that was Lexi’.”

Folks wishing to follow the 10-episode show will have to tune into censored and condensed episodes on CVM weekly or pay $US$29.99 for the full, uncensored season on Firstinlineja.