A bay! Macka Diamond reposts semi-nude pics blocked by Instagram

Dancehall artiste, Macka Diamond

Dancehall artiste Macka Diamond recently joined OnlyFans and is using her Instagram platform to drive people to her account. To do this, the Prove It artiste has been posting some very seductive photos, unlike anything we’ve seen before.

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In a series of posts, Macka Diamond goes topless, wearing only diamond pasty nipple coverings, with the rest of her skin faintly painted in glitter. Her face is beat for the gawds with the pasties and a multi-coloured short wig completing the look.

But it looks like some people found the images a bit too revealingvand reported them. The images were subsequently blocked by Instagram.

Appearing to be amused by the whole situation, Macka Diamond encouraged fans to visit her OnlyFans account to see more.

“Dem report mi pic but I don’t care go over OnlyFans to see the rest,” she wrote. While sharing with fans the message she received from Instagram that stated that her post was removed because of its nudity and sexual activity.

Undeterred, a few hours later Macka Diamond reposted the photos. This time she had a mocking message for her “haters”.

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Take a next shot a bayy

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“They report my pic because they can’t go without bra like me wooi report again,’ she wrote.

She continued to jeer the people who reported her photos by reposting another alluring shot with the caption: “Take a next shot, a bayy”.