A day in the life of Beenie Man

Dancehall toaster Beenie Man, who is notoriously known for not owning a mobile phone, made an exception on Sunday (June 5) by letting fans experience a day in his life. The virtual ‘par’ unfolded all day on Instagram, through a series of live videos.

Dancehall artiste Beenie Man

The most critical stop for the day was a visit to his mother, who is currently being treated at the University Hospital of the West Indies in Kingston. Fans were privy to the personal moment, as the deejay allowed the camera to follow him to his mother’s bedside, where he ran his fingers through her hair, and remained silent for some time before telling his assistant to end the live video.

He donated a smart television before leaving the hospital, and hopped back on live to explain the difficulty in being a celebrity when undergoing personal struggles.

” Fifteen inch mi gone already off the belly so mi a work pon di rest.”

– Beenie Man speaking about his fitness journey

“Me is the breadwinner of my family enuh, mi haffi continue working and some people nuh know how hard that is; showing a good face at all times and trying to smile at all times when yuh heart a hurt,” he said. “Some people nuh understand what it is to be who I am. Mi just a come outta hospital. Mi haffi tek picture with a little girl, we haffi tek picture with more people, haffi tek picture with doctors. Yuh still a gi weh things… Yuh shoulda up inna yuhself and up inna yuh feelings… of course I am but it’s not for you to see… when mi go up likkle more… mi load up mi chalice and you know a different meds.”

His day continued with a recording session at the Frenz For Real studio in Tower Hill, Kingston, then a saucy video shoot with producer/artiste Teetimus. The track, which samples Beenie’s 1996 hit, Old Dog, had a video treatment of BMWs and lustfully-dressed female dancers. One dancer in particular, Sara Bendii, ignited a debate in the comments as she showed her acrobatic skills on the ‘Doctor’ and he, too, went all out for the camera by lifting her up, spinning her around and proving that his gym membership has not been in vain. The Krystal Tomlinson (his partner) comments were inevitable, but Beenie made it known after the shoot that the dancers were all his “daughters”.

Beenie Man with his partner Krystal Tomlinson, their daughter Xiah.

From the shoot it was back on the road, where Beenie had a quick link-up with cricketer/artiste Chris Gayle, before stopping by Arthur Wale’s studio. He also gave an update on his weight/belly loss.

“Fifteen inch mi gone already off the belly so mi a work pon di rest,” he said.

He added that fans can expect a greater improvement by his birthday on August 22.

“Mi nuh waan lose weight, mi waan turn all a dis inna muscle so just watch mi training,” he said. “Give mi six months and mi and unno talk. When unno see me after six months and if mi look di same way den unno can cuss mi… but yuh cya beat mi after one month… because the bad habits nah go change inna one month… give mi until August and unno see the changes. By this time next year…mi either very sexy or over-sexy.”

He also spoke about his kids, from his youngest Xiah, mothered by Tomlinson, whom he described as a smart, weight-lifting baby, to his son Marco Dean (mothered by D’Angel) who will make the transition to high school in September, and his daughter Ikyra, who is currently in college.

The last live ended back at the studio, where Beenie thanked all his well-wishers, before delivering a six-minute freestyle where he asked the public to pray for his mother.