A dream come true: Stalk Ashley happy to collab with Alkaline

A few short years ago, Stalk Ashley was doing covers of Alkaline’s songs. It would, therefore, be an understatement to say that the singer is happy to collaborate with her favourite artiste.

Stalk Ashley (left) and Alkaline recently collaborated on Incognito.

The two released a song called Incognito on Friday. Already, the song has been viewed almost 300,000 times on the platform, and it is now trending at number 1.

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But even if the song wasn’t doing well, Stalk Ashley would still be happy that she got the chance to work with Alkaline.

“Everybody has their favorite and Alkaline is mine Idc. He’s been MY artiste!! I’ve been a fan from him a seh “emedicusmobestaliannasucadiatucazmo” or whateva! 2-3 years ago I was doing covers of his songs. Now we have a whole song together,” she tweeted on Sunday morning.

“Happy is a downplay.”

Some minutes later, she followed up with another post.

“I’ve never met Alkaline in person. We met over the innanets & him and I were both so excited to collaborate. It was refreshing af!! His team are really cool people, all in all I never had one bad experience in the process. Big Big respect to Team Alkaline,” she said.

Many people were on hand to share in her joy, praising her for the release of the song.

“Soo happy for u @Stalk_Ashley. Love the Calab @THEALKALINE is my artist from day 1 too,” one social media user said.