A song for Toni-Ann: Jamaican deejay pens track for Miss World 2019

Jamaica’s Toni-Ann Singh was crowned Miss World 2019 on Saturday.

If you are familiar with Ganggoolie’s music, then you probably won’t be surprised that he has released a song dedicated to Miss World 2019, Jamaica’s Toni-Ann Singh.

The track, Jamaica Miss World, debuted on the singer’s YouTube and Instagram accounts a mere seven hours after it was announced that the crown would go to the St Thomas native.

Singh, 23, is now Jamaica’s fourth Miss World with Lisa Hanna copping the crown in 1993, Cindy Breakspeare winning in 1976 and Carole Joan Crawford first winning the title in 1963.

Jamaica Miss World is short and catchy, and sees Ganggoolie praising Singh for her incredible feat and beauty.

The track is receiving mixed reviews online with some people accusing Ganggoolie of trying to capitalise off Singh’s moment, while others are lauding the entertainer for immortalising the moment with a few bars.

Ganggoolie is no stranger to making music inspired by events in popular culture, and he has definitely been on a roll this year.

Ganggoolie released the song about Toni-Ann seven hours after she was crowned.

In April he released the music video for the song Mackerel, rooted in the popular ‘tek weh people man’ mantra popularised by the Internet sensation.

This track was soon followed by Wow in July, a collaboration with Internet personality Candie Baddie. Ganggoolie is also known for other songs penned off trending issues like his 2018 tracks, NeymarDance and LikeSpice.