A song in 24 hours: Spice drops ‘I Feel A Way’


Dancehall artiste Spice is definitely a woman of her words.

Yes, BUZZ fam, the deejay has released a song with the words from her viral video, and apparently, she is feeling ‘a way’ about a lot of things.

On Friday night, Spice dropped I Feel A Away, keeping her promise to record the song with artiste and producer DeMarco in 24 hours.

“SONG OUT NOW LINK IN MY BIO #IFEELAWAY ‼️ @demarcodadon we really did it in 24 hours #BFF @gfxmuma,” she said in an Instagram post.

In the song, the Cool It artiste talked about many things. High on her list is the fact that she hasn’t made much money during 2020 because of the coronavirus pandemic and the fact that she is eager to attend a party. She also spoke about Gaza Boss Vybz Kartel and his imprisonment, as well as the people who don’t like her.  

She also had some words for the side chicks, as well as women who are not taking care of their kids and those who are simply nasty.

Within 15 hours after its release, I Feel A Way was streamed more than 100,000 times on YouTube. It was also trending at number 21 in Jamaica.

“Spice is so talented. She made this song in just one day,” one person commented on YouTube.

“She disrespect Spice and Spice take the disrespect and use it to make more money!!! I wish this end up playing in Walmarts all over America,” another added.

The song was inspired by a recent incident in Walmart in which Spice felt she was racially profiled while trying to make a purchase. This led the deejay to tell her followers about the unfortunate incident. During the video, she said: ‘I feel a way’, and the clip went viral.