Abigail Pinnock gets trolled for emotional defense of dad on YouTube

It’s safe to say everyone’s eyes are open, Abigail Pinnock, and that swan song you played on YouTube last night has fallen on deaf ears as social media fumes over the #CMUreport.

Doing what no one else in the family (even the man himself, so charged) has done, Abigail Pinnock’s emotionally conflicting YouTube video did little to ease the already scandalous saga, as she claimed there was an agenda of lies against her father, Fritz.

The daughter of the embattled Caribbean Maritime University (CMU) president got herself caught in the Twitter crosshairs – rambling on about her father’s innocence and benevolence – in a video that lasted nearly 11 minutes.

Some have asked the young Pinnock why she has come forward now, when the public continues to dissect the damning Auditor General’s report – detailing a deep web of misappropriation of funds, dereliction of duty and gross mismanagement at the Palisadoes-based institute.

Others have taken a more traditional route and trolled the emotional woman for pandering about everything from slavery to ‘badmind’.

What I, and I’m sure many people on social media, would like to know, Abigail, is why?

What did you plan on achieving with this video?

Okay, I’ll bite. If you say that after months of sitting down and watching the saga unfold and that what is being aired is not the half of it, where’s the rest of the truth?

And, if there is more truth that vindicates Professor Pinnock, why, according to you, has he still chosen not to speak?

It’s obvious Professor Pinnock had no knowledge of your intention to “defend” his honour, so by now, you do realise what a legal predicament you’ve put your father in?

The general consensus from Twitter is that Pinnock’s video did more damage to her father, do you agree BUZZ fam?