AC Marriott: Next-Gen Hotel Swag in Jamaica’s Capital

Pulling off the asphalted terrain of Lady Musgrave Road in Kingston, Jamaica, you are greeted with a pristine European-style paved courtyard, lined with pockets of low-lying shrubs and flowers evenly spaced between palm trees.

This immaculately kept courtyard is your entrance to the AC Kingston Hotel, which lounge area is quickly becoming the Corporate Area’s ‘It spot’.

A cascading waterfall feature sets the tone for the lounge, steeped in contemporary architectural design, which lies just beyond the glass revolving door.

Gueests mingling at the outdoor pool at the AC Marriott Kingston

It’s the newest chill spot for Kingston’s elites, who have already spilt a glass or two of Dom Pérignon on the lounge’s floor, which boast sandstone tiles accented by marble detailing.

Guests mingling in the lobby of AC Marriott

Carltons have rubbed against Carltons and many Bridgets have trodden the path to the centrepiece — a barista-style bar where many of the island’s bigwigs have already been spotted sampling a variety of alcoholic beverages, among other speciality drinks served-up by the well-clad and polite staff.

Adam Stewart, Deputy Chairman, of the Sandals/ATL Group chatting with Sharon Burke, CEO of Solid Agency

Just beyond the bar, there is a deck complete with a pool and another bar. While AC lounge is definitely the place to get seen, it also has smaller more intimate lounge spaces intertwined with the main lounge, as well as spaces to get some office work done while waiting for others to arrive.

Fluorescent effect on the outdoor pool at night

AC lounge oozes glamour and sophistication that is Instagram-worthy but it also has a spiritedness made possible by the thoughtful Jamaican touches displayed throughout the space.

Captivating art piece curated by Susan Fredericks at the AC Marriott Kingston

The bold local art pieces are delicately placed throughout, striking a delicate balance making AC hotel high-end but also accessible. It is a hint of authenticity that could reap financial rewards as global trends show modern tourists are motivated by a localized travel experience.

See gallery below with stunning art pieces curated by Susan Fredericks at the AC Marriott Kingston.

—Story written by Denieca-Alexia Daniels