Acting bug? Spice and kids perform coronavirus skit

Dancehall star Spice and her kids Nicholatoy and Nicholas.

Hours before the Jamaican government announced a ban on incoming flights, Spice and her two kids were having quite a bit of fun in Atlanta, United States, with their coronavirus skit.

The three showed off their acting skills in a skit with Spice’s daughter, Nicholatoy, pretending to be sick and hungry. Thereafter, Spice and her son, Nicholas, tried to help her by providing the ‘stranger’ with food and a blanket. 

“No matter what, no coughing allowed.”

— Spice’s caption for the skit

However, that didn’t get too far after Nicholatoy started coughing. Immediately after, she was ushered out quite unceremoniously.

The skit was captioned: “No matter what, no coughing allowed.”

Stuck in Atlanta?

Since being uploaded on Friday, the skit generated many comments and views, with persons saying it was hilarious.

Two hours after the fun and games, Spice got a shocker when the Jamaican government announced that no flights would be allowed into Jamaica after Saturday, March 21, at 11:59 p.m.

“So how mi ago go back home,” Spice tweeted.

In response, many tried to comfort her while others had jokes.

“Jah know mooma… u haffi go disguise yuh self as All Spice cause a ongle products a enter di place,” one Twitter user said.

“Try again in October,” another added.