Adele accused of cultural appropriation after posting carnival pic

The issue of cultural appropriation was hotly debated on Twitter on Sunday (August 30) following a post made by singer-songwriter Adele on social media.

Adele wearing her Noting Hill Carnival, which was moved online, costume yesterday, August 30.

The debate got going after the singer, in honour of Notting Hill Carnival which has been moved online this year due to the COVID-19, showed off her carnival wear.

“Happy what would be Notting Hill Carnival my beloved London ,” said Adele as she captioned her photo which showed her wearing a bikini top featuring the Jamaican flag accented by a yellow feather  back piece while showing off her bantu knots. 

Adele’s Caribbean flavoured photo soon went viral but not without controversy as the cancel culture fanatics soon turned things up a notch,accusing the artiste of cultural appropriation.

However, Adele’s fans didn’t let her fall victim to social media trolls, with many blacks outside of the United States coming to Adele’s aid, noting that the singer was just rocking regular carnival attire.

“How are non-Jamaicans getting mad at Adele when Jamaicans aren’t even mad themselves. This is normal carnival attire,” said one Twitter user.

“Still trying to understand how this debate debate about Adele’s hairstyle benefits future generations of “black people” around the world. And can Black Americans stop forcing other black people around the world to view “race” through the Black American perspective? Person facepalmingPerson facepalming,” added another Twitter user.

More specifically those on Jamaican Twitter were generally in agreement, that the social media users were blowing steam over nothing, accusing people of being way too sensitive.

For the first time in its 54-year history Notting Hill carnival is being staged virtually.

The virtual staging of the event was a big blow for revellers who said that such an event required physical contact to make it enjoyable.