Adele shows off weight loss in 2016 concert dress

Global music star Adele has returned to Instagram to showcase her dramatic weight loss once more.

Adele wearing her 2016 Glastonbury dress while watching herself in concert.

The Rolling in the Deep singer, who is self-isolating in Los Angeles, shared two snaps of herself to the social platform.

Always down for a good time, the 32-year-old star shared a pic wearing her 2016 Glastonury outfit while watching herself performing in the gown on television, of course. The photo was captioned “5 ciders in”.

Adele having a star moment with her portable fan.

The comparison is stark, Adele being enveloped in the once form-fitting dress.

The star first showed off her new body back in May, attributing it to a strict 1,000-calorie per day diet.

In a second pic, Adele is seen wearing a white tee and grey sweats, stooping in front her television with a handheld fan. I mean, she is a star after all.