Adobe unveils Photoshop for iPad

Photoshop is now on the iPad.

After previewing the software at last year’s Adobe MAX, the company is ready to add Photoshop to the list of Adobe apps for iPad.

Photoshop for iPad brings many desktop functions in a touch-friendly app. (Photo: Adobe)

Adobe unveiled the new software at this year’s Adobe MAX 2019 keynote. Photoshop for iPad 1.0 brings core desktop functions like retouching, masking and compositing to mobile.

The interface bears many similarities with the desktop version of the software. The tools are set out vertically on either side of the creative space. The user experience is optimised to suit the iPad’s touch and gesture-based interface.

Photoshop for the iPad has Apple Pencil support. (Photo: Adobe)

To provide additional creative options, Adobe has implemented a secondary touch button right in the app that functions differently, depending on what is selected. Using different tap and drag actions, the user can alternate between functions to get the desired effect.

Create with full PSDs.

There’s also Apple Pencil support for better precision and pressure sensitivity for cleaner work in selections, for example.

App Performance was a big focus at this year’s Adobe MAX Opening Keynote. Photoshop for iPad is optimised for smooth running. Some PSD files have multiple layers and large files sizes that may slow down the experience. Adobe demonstrated its speed optimisation on stage with quick zooms, fast duplication of complex elements and how the iPad interface provides new ways to create.

The app has a familiar interface but is designed for touch. (Photo: Adobe)

Adobe is bringing Sensei magic to Photoshop for the iPad. Adobe Sensei is the company’s AI platform that uses algorithms to enhance the creative experience.  Adobe Sensei is already on the desktop version of Photoshop.

The “Select Subject” tool intelligently identifies subjects for quick background removal if you want to add a new element to a project. However, some selections may not be error-free. Hair poses a challenge to creators as it’s often difficult to cut from a background. Adobe is bringing “Refine Edge Brush” to the iPad. The feature allows users to make tweaks to a selection and precisely refine it for a clean mask. These Adobe Sensei AI tools will be added to Photoshop for iPad soon, in upcoming updates.

Familiar tools. Fingertip control.

You can save files with the iPad and access them on your desktop or laptop through Adobe Cloud documents for a seamless transition.

Photoshop on the iPad represents a simplified user experience designed for touch. It could provide a better experience for those who don’t find the desktop version easy to use, but still, want to be creative on the go.

Photoshop for desktop and iPad is available on the Creative Cloud for US$20.99 per month.

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