After warning shots, it’s safe to say the Mavado/Drake feud is ON

Why? Why yuh dweet, Drake?

The year 2020 continues to serve up the most UNEXPECTED drama as dancehall heavyweight Mavado responded to a rumoured diss from rap star Drake in a clapback single Enemy Line on Wednesday night (July 29).

The self-proclaimed Gully Gad did not pull any punches as he slammed Drake for wanting to be a part of Jamaican culture, despite not being born on the island or having any ancestral ties.

The feud reportedly heated up after Drake hinted at Mavado and his native Cassava Piece community in a line from the Only You Freestyle track, released last Monday (July 20).

“Pop Skull in Gaza, but not that Gaza, but still it’s a mazza. Ni**as want peace like Cassava but we let bridge dem burn like grabba,” Drake said

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From shots at his extravagant festivities with the Six and Unruly Camp in Barbados to Popcaan’s recent return to church, Mavado returned in prime form to deliver in a solid reply.

Why? Why yuh dweet, Drake?

Why yuh draw out 2000s Mavado?! Yuh know weh dis mean, bredda!!??!

“Tell soft and fake likkle sheep, likkle Mormon. Die trying but you will neva be a yaad man,” Mavado quipped in the fresh single, which is currently trending on YouTube.

I have to say this was not on my list of things to happen this year (or ever) but I’m LIVING for it!

The war of words takes an even more interesting turn as I recall a former friendship between Mavado and Drake, which seemed to turn sour after the rapper later linked with Popcaan.

The two were first spotted together when Mavado invited Drake to perform during his set at the 2011 staging of Brit Jam in Montego Bay, St James.

Mavado also tapped Drake in Paris in 2012 during his Survivor Tour when the Star Bwoy deejay performed to a packed crowd at the Dock Pullman.

Will Popcaan and Drake team up to respond? Will Drake take Mavado on alone?

Anybody’s guess where this feud will go but to see dancehall standing up to rap is pleasing to me. What do you think, BUZZ fam?  Have you heard Enemy Lines yet?