Again?! Konshens’ wife says she’s been single for eight months

Dancehall act Konshens and his wife, Latoya Wright, have been separated for several months.

Konshens and his wife, Latoya, on their wedding day November 2017.

This is according to Wright, who made the confirmation during an Instagram Q&A session with her followers on Friday.

The Miami-based businesswoman asked followers to send her questions to which she’d keep it “real” about, and one person asked about her marital status.

“Since you keeping it real, are you single?” the question read.

Wright responded: “Yes. 8 months and counting! Funny how y’all went to your fingers.”

Public break-up

The couple has been the spectacle of public break-ups since last year, with the Bruck Off Yuh Back hitmaker pouring out his heart and wrong-doings in a lengthy post in December.

“Put up with Countless f**kery and handle it all with class and maintain respect and protect me image,” he said at the time. “Love mi daughter like she is yours and grow her into a Lady. Transform my mindset financially and show me seh the way I was handling money all those years was totally wrong. Match me perfectly spiritually and physically. Partner with me in business and life, and me still find so many way fi mek this f#@% up.”

Last August, Wright declared that she was a single woman and had no influence on how Konshens lives his life. Her announcement came a mere two years after the couple wed at the Fort Lauderdale Marriott Harbor Beach Resort & Spa on November 19.

Wright’s latest update reaped mixed responses across social media, with some people opting to stay out of married folks’ business because of cases like Offset and Cardi B, and others were just tired of the déjà vu.

Wright was also asked about her current dating life, to which she told enquirers to subscribe to her newly-launched YouTube account to find out.

On the platform, Wright said she had always been a private person but was encouraged to start the channel.

“Thank you for deciding to come on this journey with me, it’s definitely going to be challenging, but what’s life without challenges? We’re here to smash through those challenges and get better at what we do,” she said.