Again?! Spice bashing her babyfather online

Dancehall artiste Spice has returned to Jamaica and is again accusing the father of her two children of not playing his part financially.

Jamaican entertainer Spice

On Tuesday afternoon, Spice shared a video via her Instagram Story where she is seen entering Kingston Bookshop. That was followed by another post, which was a picture of the receipt she got after paying $150,000 for her daughter’s school fee.

“I don’t hear from the father,” she said. “Nicholas, how mi no hear u now. Toy soon 10. You nah try pay even 10% of one of these?”

There was also another post where she said: “Since as yuh say mi a di worst mother and mi a witch, make mi get the broom.”

School fee

She later shared another video in which she was paying a bill for more than $42,000 and said: “Nicholas Lall yuh nah try buy even one exercise book youth? Not even one year?”

“Or you a wait until school bills over fi come pan IG come post mi pickney dem and chat off yuh s—–n mouth,” added Spice who returned to Jamaica from Atlanta, United States, with her daughter on Monday.

This is just one of the many times that Spice has blasted the father of her two kids. As recent as July, the two were in a heated war of words online in which Spice accused her ex-fiancé of being an absentee dad. Nicholas then accused her of trying to keep the kids away from him.

In their previous clash, she said he was clout-chasing and challenged him to step up when it was time for school.

“September morning come when di whole heap of school fee cost how much million dollar, yuh nah call, yuh nah post, yuh nah go pon Instagram go seh nothing, yuh do like yuh nuh know. When uniform fi buy yuh do like yuh nuh know. When socks fi buy yuh do like yuh nuh know. When shoes fi buy yuh do like yuh nuh know or hear…when book fi buy mi cya hear from you,” she said on Instagram Live.