Agent Sasco praises son Joshua for starring in ‘Loco Remix’ video

Dancehall artiste Agent Sasco is showering his son, Joshua, with praises for stepping out of his comfort zone to play the lead role in his Loco Remix music video.

Joshua poses for a picture. (Photos: Instagram – Agent Sasco)

In the video that was released on Thursday morning, Joshua plays the role of his dad, while two other youngsters appeared as Bounty Killer and Kabaka Pyramid, who were featured on the track.

Describing his son as somewhat shy, Agent Sasco said that the child challenged himself and gave a winning performance.

“Joshua, my son. I know you’re naturally reserved and not the most eager to be on camera. I remember how you would be on stage for group performances at school and would often be the only one to not sing or worse, do the dance moves,” Agent Sasco said in an Instagram post on Thursday morning.

Agent Sasco and son Joshua smile for the camera.

“But I also know how brave you are, the first to volunteer to hold the snake at the zoo, then inviting me to do the same…😖😖 Telling me it’s ok 😳. The way you step up and challenge yourself especially outside of your comfort zone is admirable. I love you, I’m proud of you and oh yeah… YOU TOTALLY KILLED THIS VIDEO PERFORMANCE! @weezyjoshua #LocoRemix.”

Agent Sasco isn’t the only person who is proud of the youngster. Businesswoman Kim Possible said: “Mi juss love Weezy. He’s the perfect mini Sasco.”

Similar sentiments were shared by singer Shuga, who said: “Dead stamp Sasco😍good job @weezyjoshua.”