Agent Sasco speaks to Assassin in new music video

A beat, a mic and two versions of the same person are what you get in the Sasco vs Assassin music video that premiered on YouTube today, December 9.

Agent Sasco

In the music video, a more mature Agent Sasco is dressed in full black as he speaks to a younger Assassin, who is rocking a Lakers jersey and cap with a white durag and jeans.

In the song, a confident Assassin sings about all he achieved at a tender age and some of the grimy places he has been. However, Agent Sasco reminds him that he still didn’t have a number one song at the time and still needed to learn stagecraft.

The track also highlights the entertainer’s journey since he entered the music industry in 2001 as Assassin to his growth and eventual name change to Agent Sasco.

“Assassin same way, mi still a kill dem/ Mi still a tour the world and mi still a thrill dem/ Neva know music woulda pay mi bills dem/ Imagine mi surprised when mi a get the mills dem,” the entertainer sings.

Pure genius

And those who have seen the music video are quite impressed with it.

“Versatile, wicked and wild. To conceptualize this song is pure genius, lyrics on point and the video just cap it all off,” one person commented on YouTube.

Another added: “Creativity at its peak in this yow!!!!!! this is a legend at work…the only artiste to become two separate brands at the same time that in itself is amazing.”

Some viewers also commented on how far the Hand To Mouth artiste has come as an entertainer.

“Watching this and I can’t get the smile off my face. Talk about growth,” one person said.

The song is one of five tracks on the Sasco vs Assassin EP that was released in November. It features songs like Do Mi Thing with Sean Paul, Represent featuring, Loco and No Stranger To Danger with Kranium.