Aidonia calls for unity in dancehall

Dancehall artiste, Aidonia

Even as he himself is involved in an ongoing feud with Masicka, dancehall artiste Aidonia is calling for unity in dancehall. The Pretty Please artiste made the plea on his Instagram Live on Thursday (July 23).

“Koffee use maybe a six or seven-song EP and get the Grammy, suh mi a show uno seh a nuh one million nothing or no bag a noise, or who a run this or that dawg. No one man cannot run it,” he said.

After giving fans a ‘history lesson’ on the unity that once existed in dancehall, Aidonia called for his colleagues to return to that time.

“When mia listen dancehall you have Shabba dem round deh suh, Nigga dem round deh suh, Admiral Bailey, Poppa San, Stitchy dem whole more artiste, pan stage at once but di whole a dem a run di place,” he said.

“So why uno wah come divide it now with uno bag a f**k**y? Coming like uno nuh know wah gwaan, uno wah come divide now, it cya divide, the game bigger than any man,” he said. “The ting fi just uniman (unify) and everyman a earn, everyman a do dem ting,” he said.

He urged dancehall artiste to get their act together, especially as things are changing.

“The real producer them aguh rise eno. Shaggy dem, Sean Paul dem, dem man deh put it pan a level. So mi a show uno a ting and seh a uno fi stop try bring down the ting and a bout.”