Aidonia claims legendary status in dancehall

Jamaican entertainer Aidonia has been in music for many years, and now he is claiming his status as a legend in the dancehall industry.

“Hey big woman ting tho enuh. Dem can’t dent the fact that I’m a f**king legend inna dis,” Aidonia said in a recent Twitter post.

The tweet caused quite an uproar, as some dancehall supporters were not in agreement with his post.  

“I’m a f**king legend inna dis.”

— Aidonia

“What constitutes legendary status in #dancehall music? Or #reggae music? Aidonia is a top artiste, but legend? I don’t know,” one social media user said.

However, reggae entertainer Protoje, in Aidonia’s defence, responded to the tweet, saying: “Facts. No debate.”

Aidonia again defended his status in dancehall while in Trinidad on the weekend.

“Mi get mi first hit song 2005,” he said during his performance. “Which year dis now? I have been here working hard for the people, working hard for the fans, and nuff time dem try downplay mi ting like me a normal artiste… But from 2005 till now Aidonia and Vybz Kartel a two a di baddest b*mbocl**t lyricist.”

Aidonia seemed to further defend his place in the industry with a song called Aircraft that was produced by Chimney Records. The track has been viewed more than 260,000 times on YouTube since its release on November 16.