Aidonia gives away cash on his birthday


When it comes to birthdays, it’s standard for the celebrant to receive gifts. But for his birthday on Monday (April 6), Aidonia decided to switch things up by gifting fans with cash through a trivia game on his Instagram Live.

The deejay hosted an all-white get-together at his house, and shared drinks among friends (including Govana) and sang some songs for the camera before initiating the game. The questions covered various aspects of the deejay’s career, and was truly a treat for loyal 4th Genna fans. He did make one request though—no Googling!

“I recorded my first hit song, it was a song called Jolly or Lolli. What was the name of the rhythm that that song was recorded on?” Adonia asked one fan.

“If mi see yuh eye go left or right a problem…” his friend cautioned in the background.

The caller had no luck, but the track was initially released on Skatta Burrell’s Irish Dance rhythm, then the Candy Shop instrumental.

“Name the first producer mi work wid,” he asked another caller. Though some fans typed the answer (Mr G), the caller went with Burrell. Easier questions came for other fans, like one which asked for the cologne Aidonia mentions in the track Breeze, which saw one caller sending her CashApp info after she answered correctly with Tom Ford.

Other callers requested new questions, while others opted to change the rules by spewing interesting facts about the entertainer.

“If yuh coulda go outside right now, yuh woulda deh wid yuh pitbull dem cause me no think people really know how much you love your pitbull dem, or you’d be outside a play ball or basketball,” said one female fan. “How yuh know mi so good?” Aidonia asked before telling her to DM her CashApp info.

The trivia extended to friends in the background who tested each other on how well they know the deejay. The energy went left when a male user labelled Aidonia a “waste man” in the comments. Though his cronies quickly came to his defence, Aidonia assured them he had it covered, and made it known he was just trying to enjoy his birthday, and is not the one to mess with. The live ended soon after as friends spoke about having to leave because of the COVID-19 curfew.