Aidonia the dancer? Deejay shows off his moves as he celebrates wife’s birthday

Aidonia’s wife, Kimberly Megan, celebrated her birthday on Sunday, but the Jamaican deejay partially stole the show with his dance moves.

Aidonia and his wife, Kimberly, smile on the beach. (Photo: Instagram @kimberly_megan)

It’s a little difficult to take the focus away from Kimberly body’s in a bikini, but when Aidonia dropped legs on the weekend, it would be hard not to notice.

In a video he shared on Sunday via Instagram, Aidonia was seen dancing to Nwa Baby by African entertainer Flavour. Kimberly was encouraged to join her husband, and she took a break from her phone for a few seconds to dance with him. When she walked away, Aidonia continued dancing, showing off lots of foot movement.

He captioned the video, saying: “A My Bday? 😂 @kimberly__megan.”

Showing a different side to the usually serious deejay, many viewers were excited to see the video.

“If ‘when music hits you you feel no pain’ was a person,” one social media user said.

“Hey da man ya a dance enuh cho man 🤣🤣 luvvv itttt,” another added.

While many people commented on the dance moves, others couldn’t help but talk about the person who recorded the video, as your eyes were kept busy seeing Aidonia dance from every possible angle.

“Lil most the camera man mek mi vomit. Mi dizzy suh till,” one person said.