Al Third tells story in ‘Lone Face’

Al Johnson, who goes by the stage name Al Third. 
One Third
Al Johnson, who goes by the stage name Al Third. (Photos: Instagram @althirdmusic)

Former Rising Star Al Johnson of the group One Third is currently promoting his promising self-produced reggae single and music video, Lone Face, from his Endless Possibilities EP.

The 37-year-old, who goes by the moniker Al Third, released the video on his social media pages on Tuesday. Since being on YouTube, it has racked up more than 13,000 views.

The song tells a story of Al’s obsession with a female, who has dominated all his thoughts.

Cause you are the lone face in my head, guess you are always in head/ Cause you got your own space in my head,” he sings in the hook.

The comments so far have been very positive on the artiste’s YouTube channel. In the music video, which lasts for just over four minutes, a free-spirited, happy young lady are seen wandering around a city full of high-rise buildings while Al is mostly seen sitting on a bridge looking rather pensive before the video comes to an interesting end.

Al Johnson, who goes by the stage name Al Third. 
One Third
Al Third was part of the One Third trio that won Digicel Rising Stars more than a decade ago.

Al Third started performing professionally in 2004 after One Third was formed. Two years later, the well-loved group rose to national fame after winning the Digicel Rising Stars, a Jamaican music competition.

Since then, the artiste has undertaken several solo projects, his first being the single Nothing But Love, which was released in October 2010 on the Young Veterans Music label.

Written by Claudia Gardner