Alkaline pleases fans with new tracks

Alkaline performing at World Vibes earlier this month. (Photos: Instagram @manhimselff)

Following a successful performance at World Vibes that was held during this year’s Dream Weekend in Negril, Jamaica, Alkaline has been releasing a slew of songs for his fans.

Mama Pray that was produced by DJ Frass on his ‘AMG’ Rhythm is a favourite. The song highlights the protection that one’s mother can provide through prayer. “Me feel seh a di prayer weh mama pray… mek di enemy dem cyaan tan up inna me way,” Alkaline deejays in the song.  

Alkaline’s With The Thing has been creating a buzz in the dancehall space.

On the same steady path, he released another single called Nothing Nuh Change that was produced by New Era Productions. Like some of his other tracks, Alkaline continues to remind fans and detractors of his musical abilities. He followed that release with Elite Only.

But the track that has really been creating the buzz is With The Thing that was released in March. It was produced by Cr203 Records, and it has been resonating well with music lovers. On August 13, a music video for the single was uploaded to Alkaline’s YouTube channel.

— Written by Shania Hanchard