And the next big musical clash should be…

Following the big musical clash between Beenie Man and Bounty Killer in May, there have been lots of talks, buzz, memes and gifs about the event that lit up social media and reinforced Jamaica’s global influencers.

Beenie Man and Bounty Killer’s Verzuz battle saw more than 400 thousands viewers on the official Instagram page.

What it also sparked was the possibility of other local clashes given we have so many top notch artistes with extensive catalogues.

There were talks of a Ding Dong and Elephant Man battle as both have branded themselves as hype men who like to give fans music they can dance to. Indeed, they are the originators of numerous dances from ‘flairy’ to ‘log on’ that a musical showdown would be epic and enormously entertaining.

A possible clash between Ding Dong (pictured) and Elephant Man would be sure to get viewers moving and breaking a sweat.

Some also wanted a clash between Mr Vegas and Sean Paul, which would almost certainly set the Twitterverse on fire with their similar perspectives but very different musical styles, it would be interesting to say the least.

A few industry players shopped around the idea of Sizzla versus Capleton since these two heavy hitters are famed for ‘chanting down Babylon’ for hours as their flagmen wave flags and put on pyrotechnic shows. On second thought, with the clash likely to be indoors, maybe the fire thing wouldn’t be such a hot idea.

A showdown between Capleton and Sizzla would certainly bring the heat that many want to see during a musical clash.

How about a lovers’ rock clash between Romain Virgo and Christopher Martin? Watching two friends become musical gladiators would send all our smartphones and tablets vibrating, with female fans tuned in to see the guaranteed pelvic thrusts and gyrating hips. In the same breath, we cannot rule out showdown between Konshens and Dexta Daps. While several husbands and boyfriends may refuse to watch, there are enough women on social media for their absence to not be missed.

And what about the women? Spice is the current queen of the dancehall so who would she clash? Some advocated for Lady Saw, now Minister Marion Hall, to come out of retirement and reclaim her crown but that is not likely to happen.

Romain Virgo taking on Chris Martin? Yes, we’re here for it!

Since the queens are not likely to feud musically, how about the princess Shenseea and the first lady D’Angel? Now that people would pay money to see, for although D’Angel has been around for a while, Shenseea can spit bars and deejay with the best of them when she wants to.

When it comes to conscious lyrics that would leave the people musically provoked it would have to be ‘Gongzilla’ against the ‘Gargamel’. Yes, Junior Gong and Buju Banton would attract such a massive online audience that they would possibly break the internet, for real this time. Their messages of social injustice, poverty, class inequality plus the intricacies of man and woman relationships would have selectors pulling up so many times that the two-hour event would easily go beyond schedule.

Any way you slice it, we have the musical depth to make dancehall, lovers’ rock, reggae and all the other offshoots proud because one thing we do not lack in this little piece of rock, is talent.