Annaixe turns heads with showstopping carnival designs

Anna-Lisa Guthrie started designing carnival costumes in 2015. (Photos: Contributed)

Anna-Lisa ‘Annaixe’ Guthrie has only been a costume designer for a few short years, but already she has been making waves in Jamaica and the Caribbean.

Through her company, Designs by Annaixe, Guthrie has collaborated with ‘Iconz’ in the Cayman Islands and Xaymaca International from Jamaica, as well as brands like Pepsi and Campari. Victress, the 2019 costume that she designed for Xaymaca International, was a hit amongst revellers, as it was sold out within weeks. She also curated the showstopper costumes for spirit brand Campari during the 2019 carnival season.  

Campari is one of the brands that Anna-Lisa Guthrie has done costumes for.

Despite her success, this wasn’t a path she planned to be on. Having worked as a photographer during the carnival season, Guthrie decided to make a costume for herself. Since that experiment in 2015, she has been making carnival costumes. And these days, the 23-year-old ensures that women feel confident, sexy, chic and comfortable in her pieces.

Although she is thriving in the industry, preparing costume designs can be a tedious process.

“Finding the right creative balance to create something that excites you, developing what you want it to look like then executing it accordingly, most of it is mental,” Guthrie explained.

While she has been making a name for herself with her costumes, her creative portfolio is widespread, as she dabbles in hand-made and retail jewellery, modelling and photography.

Follow her on Instagram @Byannaixe to see more of her pieces.

— Story written by Shania Hanchard