Another feud bites the dust — Perry and Swift sending love

Katy Perry and Taylor Swift currently have two of the most-watched videos on YouTube, with Perry’s “Roar” racking up 2.9 billion views and Swift’s “Shake it off” a close 2.8 billion.

This accomplishment called for some celebration between the two who’ve seemed to mend fences over their 8-year-long feud, that created tension in their careers and amongst their respective fanbases.

The feud between the two mega-stars, has spanned the dating of ex-boyfriends (yes, John Myers), poaching of each other’s back-up dancers while on tour, passive-aggressive tweets and songs (cue ‘Bad Blood‘ and ‘Swish Swish‘) — what a list!

In 2017, though, the duo decided that they would try to make nice and since then have been sending each other little tokens to solidify their rebuilt friendship.

Perry announced, “I’m ready to let it go”, during a whopping 96-hour YouTube live stream for the promotion of her album ‘Witness’ in 2017. The pop sensation, in reference to Swift, added, “I love her and want the best for her.”

Katy Perry and Taylor Swift in hilarious burger and fries costumes – perfect pair!

Since then, the two have been sending each other little tokens. Perry in 2018 sent her one-time rival literal olive branches indicating peace.

Moving on to this year Perry posted a plate of cookie’s sent to her by Swift, decorated with “Peace at Last”, with the caption feels good.

Katy Perry sharing a photo of cookies sent by Taylor Swift with the caption “Peace At Last”

While we’re riding this wave, which other celebrity feuds would you like to end BUZZ fam?