Apple delivers everything BUT the iPhone 12 and the Internet isn’t happy

Apple had its annual September event today and it’s not what many were expecting.

There were signs Apple would not announce the iPhone 12 today (September 15), we said it just this morning, but that hasn’t stopped the Internet from doing what it does best, give us some incredibly hilarious share-worthy reactions.

At its virtual tech event today the company revealed some pretty impressive gadgets that we can’t wait to get our hands on, even if we don’t particularly need them.

Two new iPads were revealed but…where is the iPhone, Tim Cook?!

Included in the company’s goodie bag of releases was a new iPad Air with its most advanced chip yet; an eighth-generation iPad with improved performance; the Apple Watch Series 6 with “breakthrough wellness and fitness capabilities”; a bang for buck Apple Watch SE and Apple Fitness+.

What we didn’t get? An iPhone 12 announcement!

Some decided to find the humour in the situation because…what you gon’ do?

Others decided to find the good in an otherwise terrible situation.

I mean, the fear of having to replace your otherwise perfectly fine phone because there’s an update is pretty real, it seems.

But some barely managed to keep the tears at bay. What else are we to look forward to in these troubled times?

The company has announced a new iPhone at its September event for the better part of a year; why you playing us now, Apple?

Some stuck around longer, waiting for the much-anticipated announcement because surely…it would come, right?

And although the new iPhone 12, with rumoured 5G capabilities is expected to be known next month, it won’t be available until 2021!

But on the bright side, if you’ve not already sold an organ to beat the rush on the pre-order, there’s still time!