April Fools’ prank or is Bolt planning a comeback?

Persons are now wondering if a video that Usain Bolt posted is an April’s Fools stunt or is the 100m World Record Holder seriously considering returning to the sport.

The sprint legend has seemingly gotten everyone in a tizzy after he posted the video of himself running in what appears to be a warm-up exercise up on the track at the University of Technology (Utech). He captioned the post with “April 1 or not” to further add to the mystery.

Since then even Puma has been asking questions about the video. Puma’s Instagram account wrote “one last dance?” below the post along with the eye emojis.

Other social media users have also been asking questions, with one person asking “is he back?”.

However, others believe that Bolt is just playing, as is customary on April 1, and don’t think others should read much into it since the sprint king has seemingly moved on to other things such as music.

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But when Bolt was asked last year in an interview with Variety magazine if he would consider running again, he replied that he would only consider it if his coach Glen Mills asked him to do it. 

Bolt retired from the sport in 2017 following the London World Games and had intended to attend the now postponed Olympic Games in Tokyo, Japan as a spectator.