Are Drake and Future teaming up on a new album?

Drake (left) and fellow artiste Future.

Drake and Future seem to be working on a new project and for fans, it can’t come soon enough.

There have been speculations as to what the project will be with some saying that it could be a single and others that it may be another album.

The two last collaborated on an album—What A Time To Be Alive—in 2015 and have since done a number of tracks together.

Drake made a post to his Instagram Stories on Sunday night tagging Future in it with the words, Life Is Good, Future+Drake. Future later reposted it to his own Instagram account throwing fans into a state of excitement.

Persons are now wondering if the long-awaited sequel to their 2015 album. Both rappers have given hints in the past that something could be happening but this is the most concrete so far.