Are summer songs cancelled this year?

Every year around this time DJs and producers weigh in on the songs they think will rule the summer airwaves. Some artistes even engage in a word-throwing tussle for the summer anthem title, declaring their contribution as the hit for the season.

Selector Boom Boom says if 2020 were to have a summer song, it would have already been released.

But with people labelling summer 2020 ‘cancelled’ as a result of COVID-19 and its accompanying social restrictions, are summer songs cancelled too?

Popular selector Boom Boom thinks so.

“It’s cancelled cause we nuh hear nuh summer songs; normally songs woulda out already for the summer and all now nuh song nuh put out,” he told BUZZ. “Any song mi woulda seh fi di summer a Dexta Daps with Breaking News or Govana’s song bout Chris (HAMANTS Convo Pt 2), but otherwise mi nuh see nuh song mek it right now since COVID-19.”

With the uncertainty surrounding the pandemic’s continuance, Boom Boom said many artistes have recorded songs intended for a summer release, but are exercising the good old “wait and see”.

“COVID kinda slow down the economy for everybody but it’s outta we control so we haffi just sit tight and be hopeful.”

– Producer Linval ‘Shab Don’ Thompson Jr

“We still have like two more months in summer and mi know couple artistes weh seh dem a wait til the road free up and we as DJs and the club dem free up inna di streets then dem release dem summer songs,” he said.

Until then, Boom Boom says the online space is serving as a good enough substitute for party goers.

“We still can enjoy the summer because the party dem a gwaan good online,” he said. “Mi keep Boom Sundays online, Uptown Mondays online, Boasy Tuesdays online… Tony Matterhorn a gwaan good online and also Foota Hype. We deal with the online party like we deh inna di dancehall outside so it can gwaan fi di summer but hopefully we can go back outside fi di summer. Up to now Dream Weekend nuh put off so we still have a way out, we just haffi gwaan wait.”

Shab Don, producer of Vybz Kartel’s Any Weather, says the artiste will release an album this month with most of its tracks being summer bangers.

No need to change tune

Producer Linval ‘Shab Don’ Thompson Jr isn’t counting this summer out, and said there is still room for party tracks though the event scene has shifted online. The producer, who is behind the most streamed song of 2019, Vybz Kartel’s Any Weather, has also churned out summer bangers like Teejay’s Henne & Weed and Money Fever by Squash.

“Yuh have artistes weh still a go sing party songs cause you know dem a keep online parties and people tune een same way,” he said. “Vybz Kartel’s album is dropping this month and most of the songs on it have a party vibes same way, so party songs still a go drop but you know other artistes will also come with different concepts and medz and sing about what’s happening in the world.”

His recent production, Uptown Gaza, recorded by Teejay and Kartel, fits the template of the bikini pool scenes and car flossing often associated with summer joints.

“We’ve been dropping some hot songs like Uptop Gaza and if the place did free up you know we woulda get a bigger forward and the song woulda more bigger cause it’s a nice song,” he said. “COVID kinda slow down the economy for everybody but it’s outta we control so we haffi just sit tight and be hopeful.”