Arjay addresses fallout with Kyng Tavii

Reality shows are notorious for engendering conflict and 876 Roommates is no exception, already spawning a nasty fall-out between former friends and collaborators Kyng Tavii and Arjay.

The ‘C!an principal’ has been trending since last week when he broke his silence on a fight between himself and World Dawg, which led to his departure from filming the show after two weeks.

In an Instagram Live, Tavii called out Arjay, a current contestant on the show, for ignoring him throughout the filming and forming ties with other comedians, namely World Dawg.

Tavii and Arjay had previously collaborated on several YouTube skits.

In a response video posted on Saturday (July 24), Arjay denied ever being disloyal to Tavii and said the popular, yet controversial comedian, is responsible for his predicament. 

According to Arjay, it was Tavii’s idea that they operate as rivals throughout the show.

“The whole time mi deh pon dah show yah this youth a keep him distance from me and me a push up myself cause at the end of the day yaa mi friend but when mi realise seh him set a boundary…mi stop push up inna him,” he said.

According to Arjay, he never set out to befriend Tavii’s nemesis and that he had no say in the room he was placed in.

“World Dawg, Deno, Swiiss and Valdo, the whole a we inna one room a bounce it so weh yuh waan mi fi do? Not talk to the man dem?… Don’t get me wrong, mi rate the man dem but at the end of the day yuh cya seh mi a switch link bredda,” he added.

Arjay also called out Tavii for finding new friends in Trilla Milla and Hat Dogg which he said backfired as the men did not intervene in the fight with World Dawg. 

“When time the something happen wid World Dawg pon the bus, every man weh you claim seh yaa move wid, World Dawg come up inna yuh face (and) mi a di only man weh run past everybody and go inna di middle a dem and a try part di two a dem… Mi a try show yuh how mi heart big fi mi friend dem, well, mi so-called friend dem.”

Following the incident, Arjay said Tavii blocked him from social media and removed his tag from their collaborative videos.

“That exact said night him send me a text pon Facetime, him seh, ‘Suck yuh self pu**y,’ and him block mi. People out of all a dat weh unno hear mi seh weh mi do, yuh really think di man shoulda go bout and do that?”

Arjay said the tension and subsequent fight could have been avoided had Tavii set his ego aside and socialised with everyone.

“Every man wid a high amount of following base – World Dawg, Deno, Valdo, Swiiss, me – the wull a di man dem drop dem ego fi talk to one another and every man a flex and a do video… 

“If dis man yah did just come pon di show, drop him ego, put himself inna one mental state fi seh, ‘Alright den, mi a go work wid some new talent,’ none a dis sh*t wouldn’t reach yuh… Every man pon di show get pressured but a you alone cya tek it. You quick fi go inna your feeling bredda.”

Arjay acknowledged Tavii’s creative genius but said his days of working with the comedian have ended.