Artistes return before Jamaica closes borders; Spice still in Atlanta

Dancehall artiste Spice is currently in Atlanta, United States.

While dancehall’s Queen of Stage, Spice, is emoji-crying on social media about coming home, most of her contemporaries seem to be in Jamaica. This, according to some booking agents across the reggae and dancehall community.

In more efforts to get a grip of the coronavirus in Jamaica, Prime Minister Andrew Holness on Friday announced that effective Saturday (March 21) at 11:59 p.m., Jamaica will close its air and seaports to incoming passenger traffic for two weeks.

“People have been definitely coming home for at least a week and a half now.”

— Aaron Kaboom

Spice, who has a residence in Atlanta, United States, took to Twitter shortly after the news, responding: “So how mi ago go home…” with crying emojis.

Tours postponed

But it seems the Rolling deejay may be in this boat alone, as many of her peers have been copping their return flights to Jamaica following the postponement of varied concerts worldwide since early this month.

“None of my people are overseas cause shows have been cancelling for a good two, three weeks, so most people are home. I don’t know who is out there,” Sharon Williams, who works with acts like Popcaan and Tarrus Riley told BUZZ.

Jerome Hamilton of Headline Entertainment echoed these comments, and Aaron Kaboom said one of his clients made sure to return to Jamaica earlier today.

Dancehall artiste Elephant Man returned from Europe earlier this week.

“I don’t think he wants anyone to know he was away, but I had a deejay who returned this morning,” Kaboom said. “Everybody’s tours got postponed, and everyone had made the plans to come home already. People who were supposed to leave are no longer leaving, clearly because of everything. People have been definitely coming home for at least a week and a half now.”

Up in the air

Kaboom, who has worked with artistes like Shenseea, Konshens, Teejay and even Spice, added: “Spice left personally cause she lives between here and Atlanta. I don’t think she left necessarily for work cause shows have been postponing.”

Speaking with BUZZ, Spice’s booking agent, Khool Ray, said the artiste had plans of returning to Jamaica next week.

“I can’t really speak on her behalf, but I can say her flight was supposed to come sometime next week,” he said. “This restriction means everything is up in the air until they allow people to come back in the country, so this kinda put her back,” he said.”

“Her bookings for March and April are off, as the promoters had postponed their shows to later dates already. They called us and told us that they will let us know when they’re rescheduling those dates.”