Atlanta-based dancehall artiste, Akino Dirtfree, says he never considered rap

Despite living in the United States, Akino Dirtfree said dancehall music came natural to him.

Akino Dirtfree

The Tivoli Gardens native told BUZZ that he never considered becoming a rapper, though migrating at an early age, having always been connected to the music of his homeland.

“I come here and I focus on dancehall, because a dancehall me understand, that me grow up and see, and even though me live in America it never crossed my mind to be a rapper. Me would a more a think a rap collaboration would a more a get the job done, because if me try rap it woulda take away from my authenticity,” said Akino Dirtfree.

“Dancehall music is my first love and all of my musical influencers them are dancehall and reggae artistes, dancehall wasn’t nothing hard for me to pick up on,” he added.

While a steadily rising act in the underground music scene in Atlanta, Akino Dirtfree says he feels the time is right to start pushing his material to a bigger market .

“Dancehall is good right now and my co-workers are doing so well, that motivates me to go so hard with my lyrics, I just want to put out authentic dancehall music despite me being around so many other genres,”he explained.

His new single Loose Ball is an example of the raunchy authenticity that Akino believes can connect with the masses. The artiste also felt it necessary to visit Jamaica for the genuine dancehall vibe for the  single’s visuals

“The focus on making dancehall hits is amplified in Jamaica, in Atlanta there are so many genres to choose from so everything gets watered down. Jamaica has the genuine and solid foundation because this is the Dancehall head office,” Akino added

Akino Dirtfree, now signed to Atlanta based label, Program Over Everything (POE) Music, believes that fans should rate his material because he is taking a refreshing approach in the way he does his music. He also intends to show versatility with his songs to appeal to different classes, ages and interests.

This will be even more evident with his mixtape, which includes his Mama Mi Queen’ remix featuring Stephen Marley, being released in a matter of weeks.

Loose Ball single is now available for purchase digital platforms.