Audi Q5 — Explaining the Experience

The Q5 continues to have a wide operating range, from city, to country, to being driven hard. It retains a comfortable composure.

In the pantheon of German luxury Sport Utility Vehicles, the Audi Q5 has found its sales success by towing that thin line between comfort and performance.

New for 2021, it continues to do the same, updating enough to entice new buyer while retaining that core element.

The 2021 Q5 shines on the road like its predecessor.

Left to its own operation it’s a great family hauler, containing the space, modern conveniences and touches familiar in an Audi. There’s enough luxury for the executive too.

The interior is befitting a luxury Sport Utility Vehicle with the signature Audi technology plentiful inside.

The cabin is quiet, uncluttered even with all the technology on hand. No matter the age, profession or use case, all will enjoy lashings of leather, power operated amenities, and the new touchscreen Audi Multi-Media Interface.

The Q5 is that goldilocks position, comfortable enough, but not so soft as to destroy driver confidence at speed. There’s enough sportiness without the harshness to disrupt passenger peace. The Q5’s chassis soaks up bumps with ease, occasionally passing just an audible acknowledgement to the cabin for larger impacts. Occupants will most likely be caught up by the excellent stereo, the panoramic sunroof during the day, or the soothing ambient lighting options at night. The engine never intrudes, and is always strong, unbothered by whatever the load is. This is all athletic chassis and suspension prowess, plus the extra grip from the iconic Quattro all-wheel drive system.

Should one venture off-road, there’s more than enough ground clearance and traction from Quattro and the electronic systems.

Using EFFICIENCY mode, the Audi Q5 quietly squeezes as much as it can from a drop of fuel. Start going faster and it retains most of those abilities, gliding over rough terrain holding the driven line with relative ease.

The engine continues to deliver its 252bhp and 273lb/ft of torque in a linear powerful manner, only emitting a subtle growl to make one aware they’re getting more aggressive with the throttle.

This feeling gets enhanced in DYNAMIC mode when the steering gets meatier and the eight-speed transmission ups its game.

The Q5 can be pushed hard across less than perfect terrain, generating a connection with the driver that few other SUVs can match.

When it’s all done, the Audi can settle back into a calmer existence. That is the length and breath of the prowess of the Q5. As it gets better with each generation, the core dynamics improve as well, making it more comfortable, easier to operate, practical, and an engaging vehicle to drive.

The 2021 Audi Q5, in its various trim levels, is available from Audi Jamaica.