Aunty Donna wants fans to help Solaine pay 120k fine for illegal party

Solaine turning it up at her illegal party last month

Although upset that social media entertainer, Solaine Anderson did not heed her advice against hosting an illegal party, social media personality, Donna Gowie known as “Aunty Donna” is trying to rally her fans to assist her.

Anderson was fined $120,000 or nine months in prison when she appeared before the Kingston and St Andrew Parish Court on Thursday for breaches of the Disaster Risk Management Act (DRMA).

She was charged for hosting an illegal party, dubbed a Birthday Party and Nine Night, which was held on March 4. Videos of the event in which no COVID-19 restriction measures were being observed, made their rounds on social media the following day.

In an Instagram Live video, Gowie said she regrets Anderson not taking her advice.

“Mi talk to Solaine, unuh hype her up… a unuh hype her up mek she feel like she above law,” Gowie said.

She appealed for persons to help pay the fine for Anderson.

“Unuh help her. Mi nah tell nuh lie, Plankas weh stand up fi her, help her,” Gowie pleaded.

Her calls did not fall on deaf ears and, people began calling in to find out how they could assist. Later on that same day, an officer contacted Gowie and informed her that they will be releasing Anderson on bail.

And although she was initially told that Anderson would have to pay the fine the same day, that time was extended.

Anderson came to prominence after being featured on Gowie’s charity programme. The two have been friends since that time. She gained a huge following with her colourful hairstyles, loud fashion, frank persona and humorous personality.