Awesome! Singer Tessanne Chin starts fitness journey

Jamaican songstress Tessanne Chin is now on a fitness journey.

Tessanne Chin

The Hideaway singer has started to work out with health and fitness coach Patrice J White, the CEO of Dynamic Lifestyle Studio.

In a video White shared on Tuesday, Tessanne is seen doing squats, jogging and battle rope exercises. Although she struggled at times with an occasional ‘no sah’, the singer was pushed harder by her trainer.

There was even a point when she was told that she should not laugh with deejay Elephant Man, who seemed like quite the gym troublemaker.

“Can I be in Tessanne video? I am Tessanne bellboy today people,” Elephant Man said, laughing.

“Tess finally embraced her fears,” White captioned the video. “The only thing I’m gonna have to worry about with @thebestess is her eating habits. I’m counting on @tamichinmitchell @waynemarsheezy to help me keep her accountable.”

Tami Chin quickly responded, promising that her sister will stick to the task at hand.

“I am SOOOOOOO proud of my sissy!!! Nothing to worry about Patrice. When @thebestess mek up her mind…it’s OVER,” she said.

However, one person wasn’t so convinced Tami and her hubby would be of much help. “The worst two person ur depending on…Dem a foodie themselves,” the social media user said.

Tami replied: “DWL unnuh wicked eeeh man!!! @waynemarsheezy we haffi change public opinion LOL.”

Click here to see the video of Tessanne working out.