Babe Brunch grilled on Twitter for ‘meagre, weight-watcher’ dishes

One patron’s ‘meal’ at the highly anticipated Babe Brunch at the Caymanas Golf Club on Sunday (Photo: Twitter @mikey_esquire)

A day party that promised food, drink and a wicked musical experience fell flat for some patrons as an unimpressive menu left Jamaicans brimming with anger at Sunday’s Babe Brunch.

The party, held at the Caymanas Golf Club in St Catherine, left many Jamaicans disappointed and unsatisfied. They took to Twitter to voice their frustration.

According to Babe Brunch’s Instagram page, all-inclusive tickets started at $7,000, which was to cover unlimited cocktails and brunch until 3:00pm, but for some patrons, the servings were so small, and the drinks ran out well before the cut-off time.

Some patrons shared images of the menu, which showed slices of grilled sausage and waffles dabbed with strawberry syrup.

Having to choose from that dish or mini-stuffed Nutella pancakes or baked French toast with berries and cream, many on Twitter lost their composure on witnessing the tiny meals.

The frustration wasn’t the collective experience for all. Patrons who felt arriving on time for the 11 am start and getting their money’s worth was the way to go seemingly got seconds (and thirds)— adding to the heated discussion.

Regardless of arrival time, Babe Brunch patrons felt that more planning needed to be done to ensure the highly-anticipated event had a menu that reflected the demand.

Kandi King, who organised the party, reacted quickly by offering disgruntled customers heartfelt apologies and bottles of wine, which seemingly aided in diffusing the situation. However, judging from the Twittersphere, many patrons left to get their fill elsewhere.