Bacchanal Bounces Back! All carnival costumes for 2020 sold out

Bacchanal Costumers sold out.

Bacchanal Jamaica, the longest servicing carnival band in Jamaica has sold out all its costumes for Carnival 2020, which indicates that it will make its competitors stand up and take notice this year.

This year Bacchanal celebrates its 20th anniversary and it is out to make a mark with the theme “Lost Kingdoms”.

So how did Bacchanal manage to sell out all its costumes so quickly? Speaking with BUZZ, Bacchanal’s Chelsea Jameson said: “Our costumes come at a reasonable price and are very hot this year. They have been a big hit and we will be fantastic this year. Our director of costumes, Charmaine Franklin did a great job. The ‘Build Your Mas’ concept which allows revellers to customise their costumes has certainly proven to be a winner.”Over the years Bacchanal directors Michael Ammar Jr, Ed Khoury and Michael McMorris have built their carnival outfit into one of the best-known brands out there and have seen to it that it has held its own against recent interlopers, Xodus and  Xaymacca.

One carnival aficionado speaking with BUZZ said: “In earlier times, Bacchanal’s costumes weren’t that inspiring and you couldn’t rely on what you were buying but that has all changed. It could be that other players have come on to the scene and forced Bacchanal to up its game and that it has done very well. It is the first band to sell all its costumes and that is great news.”

This year’s carnival is expected to be an even better spectacle than last year’s as Jamaica’s carnival becomes a major force in the Caribbean. According to the Jamaica Tourist Board (JTB), last year’s carnival contributed $1 billion to the Jamaican economy with 12,000 revellers and 40,000 spectators. Bacchanal had 3,000 revellers, Xaymacca 4,000 and Xodus 5,000.