Bacchanal Jamaica to release new events calendar soon

Attention for Celebration in Jamaica is now focused squarely on 2021, as the island saw the annual celebration postponed due to the spike in coronavirus cases.

A reveller at Bacchanal Jamaica’s road parade in 2019. (Photo: Bacchanal Jamaica/Facebook)

However, one band, Bacchanal Jamaica, is already making plans to release a schedule of events for revellers to look forward to.

The band’s co-director, Michael Ammar Jr, told the Jamaica Observer “We will be putting out the best carnival next year.Nobody is more disappointed than the bacchanal directors. We will be putting out a calendar of events in a week or so, and we’re looking into adding a few events. Perhaps a one small and one large event, just in case COVID is still here and we have to work around it.”

The news will come as a welcomed surprise to many, particularly after Bacchanal revamped its events this year, with some favourites, including Beach Jouvert, getting the chop.

Regarding the postponement to April 2021, Ammar Jr said “We all fully agree, especially with the number of cases not only in Jamaica, but in our international markets. It would be foolhardy for anybody to believe that carnival could still be held this year. The decision is one of those bittersweet things…”

Jamaica’s road parade was moved from its original date of April 19, 2020 due to the arrival of the COVID-19 virus, but was last week moved from the new October 25 date as the pandemic crisis grows on the island.

Jamaica’s COVID-19 cases climbed to 5,143 as of today, with 70 recorded deaths.