Back on top! Jeff Bezos is world’s richest person

Jeff Bezos is back on top of the world’s rich list after being briefly passed by Elon Musk.

Amazon CEO Jeff Bezos (Photo:

Bezos, Amazon’s CEO, saw his net worth drop to US$182.1 billion, down by US$3.6 billion, yesterday, as shares of the e-commerce giant fell by more than two per cent.

However, Bezos’s net worth still put him ahead of Musk who lost US$13.5 billion in a day that saw shares of his electric vehicle company, Tesla, drop by almost eight per cent, according to Forbes.

Musk is now worth US$176.2 billion. His fortune has grown roughly US$150 billion since March of last year as Tesla’s share price flourished, jumping more than 720 per cent in 2020.