‘Back with the jump off’: Krystal Tomlinson hits campaign trail after COVID scare

Krystal Tomlinson has signalled her return to the campaign trail after receiving a clean bill of health a week after possible exposure to the COVID-19 virus.

Aspiring Member of Parliamant fot West Rural St Andrew Krystal Tomlinson.

Tomlinson, the People’s National Party candidate for West Rural St Andrew, issued a video statement to social media just after midnight of Sunday morning August 30.

“So my results have come back negative and that means we are back on the campaign trail. I want to say thank you again to everybody who has been checking in to make sure we are OK,” Tomlinson said.

“This is Krystal for West Rural, so we coming for it.”

– Krystal Tomlinson

She continued, “I’m feeling fine and that’s why we never hitch to come back on the road but we are doing so safely and I’m encouraging all those who are still participating in active campaigning to keep wearing the masks, get a little pouch like me if you need to, to keep your sanitisers and your wipes in, and keep hydrated. Vitamin C is a plus and if you can’t get your vitamin C some good old H2O to hydrate and keep you fit and ready for the road.

“So thank you again for checking in, I am happy to be healthy and to have a clean bill of health and we are going to work all the way to September 3 to get those ballots in the boxes. This is Krystal for West Rural, so we coming for it.”

The aspiring Member of Parliament ended the 50-second clip with an iconic line clip from Lil Kim’s 2003 hit The Jump Off.

The musical outro said “I’ve been gone for a minute but we back with the jump off”, a declaration of her intent to take the seat now held by the ruling Jamaica Labour Party’s Juliet Cuthbert-Flynn come this Thursday’s general election.